Episode 2 - The Four Corners

Before this adventure we had done a lot of traveling with global excursions to far flung places such as Belize, Egypt, England, Fiji, Greece, India, Italy, and South Africa and more local trips to spots like Alaska, Death Valley, Grand Tetons, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. We took as much time as we could from our jobs to explore but we still always felt rushed. And our mode of travel wasn't allowing us to get off the beaten path to more remote destinations. So we decided...to rent an RV!

About 5 years ago we took our very first RV adventure trip we travelled over 2,000 miles in about 3 weeks in a rented Class C. We visited many amazing locations including 6 National Parks, 2 National Monuments, and a couple of off the beaten path destinations. 
We go into detail on what we saw in Episode 2 - The Four Corners. Needless to say we were hooked and inspired to get #boldlygoing! 

On this trip we stayed at a number of campgrounds. The highlights (what we can actually remember ;) are below!
  • Mather Campground, Trailer Village - Really the only option for RVs within the South Rim of Grand Canyon.
  • Wahweap RV & Campground - Easy option for chilling in the Lake Powell area.
  • Goulding's - Closest option for Monument Valley and offers sites with great canyon views.
  • Morefield Campground - Mesa Verde campground gem! Gorgeous setting and easy access to the cultural activities in the park. Absolutely stunning sunsets.
  • Bisti Badlands - BLM heaven! No fees! No people! Total wild camping/boondocking spot and one we are glad we didn't pass up.
  • Haviland Lake Campground - Great spot after all of the hot hot hot spots! Beautiful and serene wake-free lake easily accessible from Durango.
We learned a lot from this trip. And we went on to rent Class A's and B's to play with different formats. These rental RV trips truly helped inform the choices we made when it came time to buy our own set-up. For example we learned:
  • A trailer or a tow vehicle was in our future. No fun packing up the house every day.
  • We would want even more off the beaten path destinations. The National Parks are AMAZING. BUT there are so many equally cool, and a lot less crowded, spots out there.
  • We would need a rig that easily enables us to wild camp/boondock because we LOVE it. 
  • A slower pace would suit us better. We crammed a lot into the rental trips but now we want to be more like the tortoise than the hare.
What have you learned during your adventures? What got you started? Share your perspective in the comments!