RV Modifications -- Removing the DVD player and adding (a lot of) power outlets

RV's are endlessly customizable.  We chose a brand with great bones (OutdoorsRV) and a unit with light usage (we are the second owners).  And when we have time and funds, we modify it to better serve our needs.

Here is a quick update regarding one upgrade.  We hope to share more in the future.  Note that the product links to Amazon are affiliate links.

We found that we didn't use the rig's DVD player/stereo combo.  It's a fine 12v Furrion system.

But who watches DVD's these days?  Not us.  So we pulled it out.

We stream from our iPhone using the excellent (thought expensive, at $50) Apple connector after learning that many third party knockoffs don't work nearly as well.

Besides, the rig's speakers are in the ceiling and are very low quality.  The sound when watching a video or listening to music should not come from the sky!

But listening to TV shows via the TV speakers was painful and listening to music that way is just an insult.  So we added a sound bar for $80 above the TV using a $10 system that connects to the TV mount itself.  It can play back TV content well and we can stream music to it via bluetooth from our phones.  It sounds far better than the speakers in the rig.  Heck, I even tried upgrading the rigs speakers to some excellent Focal speakers.  The sound bar still sounded better.  (That ceiling placement for the factory speakers, even with upgraded speakers, is not ideal for sound reproduction.)

This sound bar is somewhat unique in that it can be run directly off of DC power (which is what one has in an RV, especially when not connected to shore power).  In fact, it can be run off of USB (with the proper $7 cable and a high output USB connection).

But where to plug in?  Well, that gaping space where the DVD player used to be is just begging for a batch of USB and 12v outlets:

We put four of these dual USB ports in there, and four 12 volt outlets.  All of these are placed into a panel made from ABS plastic.

All connect to bus bars via 16awg copper wire, with marine grade terminations -- and then, finally, to the old fused power source for the DVD/stereo.

I think these are still a few ways to improve this setup.  First, we may end up filling the ledge above it with our gadgets.  They may all fit.  But it may get awkward.  Second, some gadgets might want to be used while plugged in.... but not "right there" next to the outlet, so we may end up with some extension cords cluttering things.  I may have to follow Adventurous Way's lead and install some outlets in the slide out, for those occasions.  And third (but probably not last), there are a few loads that we will always want to have connected, so maybe a hidden outlet or two is in order.

(Note that I am not an electrician.  I am just describing what we have done so far.  This is not a recommendation that you do it this way.  This project is not complete.  Please consult a qualified electrician.)