Episode 4 - Getting Salty in Utah

Just up the hill from the Bonneville Salt Flats (and the more common BLM dispersed camping are of the same name) is a lovely space that overlooks some picturesque mountains. Check out the video for lots of views of the area.

It was a good place for Lyger to get his first taste of boondocking.

He wasn't sure at first why he was "allowed" or even "encouraged" to step out of the trailer. But after a while he got into the experience. His verdict? Much better than formal campgrounds and RV parks. We couldn't agree more.

We found that the road most of the way up from the highway was paved and that the gravel and dirt at the turn off were pretty reasonable in good weather. We saw some regular 2 wheel drive passenger cars in the area (people day hiking or car camping). Here is the GPS we used to get into the general vicinity. We did not park on the dry lake because we didn't know what it would do if there was rain.

40°48'12.6"N 114°00'21.7"W
40.803502, -114.006013

There was lovely hiking on gravel or dirt roads and trails, assuming one enjoys big skies and straight flat trails (though there might be more windy single track trails in the ORV area that we didn't explore). 

There is a Campendium entry for this spot, but even with that publicity it seems much less popular than the inferior site down the road named after the Salt Flats. They call this space, up the hill from that one, the Silver Island Mountains Dry Lake but on Google Maps the space is more often referred to as Leppy Pass.And of course since it is just up the road from the world famous Bonneville Flats Speedway, it made for an easy short drive to this unique destination.