Home Theater, RV Edition

I know lots of recreational campers like to get away from it all for a few days or weeks at a time, leaving their internet connections and tv viewing for when they are not on the road.  I think that’s great.

But I’m an addict. And when we are mobile, often for months at a time, it’s fun to have movie night on the road.

We can reverse our chairs from the rear section of our 24RLS, move them mid-ship, pull down an 80” screen, and fire up a small dc-powered LG video projector.  Audio is courtesy of a couple of Bluetooth speakers.

Call me crazy, and maybe it’s a “because one can,” kind of project, but it was cheaper than a flat panel tv, and much more small space friendly. Just cannot watch things during daytime.  (Too much light.)


Projector (though I would probably choose something brighter next time, and definitely something with some zoom range and lens shift, which this does not have so there is literally only one specific spot it can be placed)

Screen (though I'd prefer 77" instead of 80" for the same cheap price)

Projector Mount (removable when not in use)

Speakers (though any bluetooth speakers would probably work since the projector uses bluetooth to send the audio out; I chose these because I found them for half off, refurb, and they have good bass response, are battery powered, and run for many hours after charging via USB)